How to warm up?

Today I’m gonna show you all you need to know about warming up, but before we start let’s take a quick look at the questions that we are gonna cover today:

•Why should you warm up?

•How to warm up?

Why should you warm up?

That’s the question that a lot of people are questioning themselves because it only costs time and sucks. However, it is very important to be physically and mentally prepared for a workout. While warming up your muscles are getting better supplied with blood. And I mentioned the mental part too why?  Because during a warm up all your personal problems are pushed to the side so you can concentrate on your workout more easily. Also, the motivation is increased that prevents to better results.


How to warm up?

The first think that should be done is the general warm. General warm up could be performed in different ways, for example, simple running for 10-15 min. or jumping rope is also a good solution.

The next step is the specific warm up. For it I’m using an expander you can also take a resistance band. Well it looks like this:

•Side pull x10 (each side)

You want to find a position when you feel the resistance but you can also easily control the movement. From that position, your arm should band at a 90° angle.


•Side pull opposite grip (each side) x10

Well this is the opposite side of the fist exercise, but the rules are the same, you want to control your whole movement and stay stabilized. fullsizeoutput_31fullsizeoutput_32

•Back pull x10

The first 2 exercises were to warm up the shoulders and this one isn’t an exception.


•Chest pulls x10

Doing this exercise you want to really fill the stretch in your chest and with full control bring your hands together in front of you and then also controlling back into the start position.


•Back pulls x10

The same story here, control and control. Control is the key everything.


•Jumps x7

You also want to warm up your lower body, the best way for me are just jumps, because I want to be explosive.

For more information check out the video


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