Best Cheap Fitness Wireless Headphones?

Today I would like to present you guys a device that I’ve been using for a few weeks now in my workouts. And this is a pair of wireless headphones of the company called “Aukey”

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Fitness Professionals Try Pilates {Video}

Now it is time for one more viral video and today we will have a look at very funny piece named “Fitness Professionals Try Pilates” in this video 3 fitness pro trainers are training pilates for the firs time. Well, let’s see how they are actually doing.

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Workout Nutrition Guide {Infographic}

Training makes a big change in your life, but you definitely shouldn’t forget about nutrition, because we all know that the muscles are made in the kitchen. Let’s not forget to eat the right things after your workouts can help you get results faster. This infographic by Greatist covers what you need to know about workout nutrition:

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